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Future prospects of sports shoes

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Future prospects of sports shoes

Nowadays, there are almost a pair of sports shoes. Everyone needs sports shoes in life. This article will introduce the prospect of sports shoes.


This article contains the following:

  • Definition of sports shoes

  • Future prospects of sports shoes

  • Buying suggestions for sports shoes



Definition of sports shoes

Sports shoes are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or tourism. The soles of sports shoes are different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. They are generally soft and elastic, and can play a certain cushioning role. It can increase elasticity during exercise, and some can prevent ankle injuries. Therefore, when doing sports, you should wear sports shoes, especially high-intensity physical exercises, such as basketball and running.


Future prospects of sports shoes    

After more than thirty years of extensive and rapid development, China's footwear industry has accumulated a lot of contradictions. The export-oriented footwear industry has faced the shrinking of the international market, coupled with trade protection measures such as anti-dumping from major market countries The downward pressure on China's footwear industry is relatively large. At the same time as large-scale enterprises appeared, a number of small enterprises closed down.

As early as a few years ago, due to rising labor costs, raw materials and exchange rate fluctuations, many shoe companies transferred their production bases to Southeast Asia. With the full launch of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, the footwear industry in Vietnam, India, Pakistan and other places has developed rapidly. From January to November 2010, the output value of sports shoes in Vietnam increased by 20.2% year-on-year, and the output value of leather shoe companies above designated size increased by 23.4% year-on-year, posing a great potential threat to the Chinese shoe industry.

The strength of China's shoe-making enterprises is still very strong. After nearly 20 years of development, China's footwear industry has established a perfect upstream and downstream industrial chain with the advantages of a high-quality investment environment and labor resources, formed an industrial cluster for various footwear production, and established a complete shoe industry finished product and shoes. Materials market, shoe R & D center and information center, etc.

Although China's footwear industry is now also facing the impact of domestic policy factors and rising labor costs, as well as competition from India, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries in low-end footwear, there are also countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and other high-end shoes Competition, but the comprehensive competitive advantage of China's footwear industry is still unmatched by other countries.


Buying suggestions for sports shoes

1. Design smart sports shoes, but if you feel uncomfortable wearing them, don't choose them.

2. Don't just buy according to the size of the foot, but also look at whether the shoes are fit and fit.

3. When the size of your feet is the largest, go to the store (at night or after exercise).

4. Wear ordinary cotton socks when purchasing.

5. Make sure that the shoes leave enough space for your toes. Make sure that the space from the longest toe to the top of the shoe has a thumb joint length.

6. When making a decision to purchase, pay attention to the design of the shoes, which will help you choose a pair of shoes that are suitable for your feet and conform to your form of sports.

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