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How to choose a pair of suitable shoes for children

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How to choose a pair of suitable shoes for children

1. Preschool children should choose soft shoes with moderate hardness. Soft soles can enhance the arch elasticity of the foot.After elementary school, you can't wear shoes with soft soles. When a child walks, his/her center of gravity is on his/her feet. If the soles are too soft, his/her center of gravity will be unstable.And, right now the children's amount of exercise is big, the wear and tear of the shoe can be much bigger, should choose a little hard and good wearresisting performance shoe.

2. choose shoes with good skidproof performance when you are a baby. If the shoes are too slippery, children will fall easily.But if it's too slippery, the shoes will stick to the ground, which is not good for walking.               

3.  choose light shoes light shoes, children wear will be more comfortable, feet will be more crisp.If the shoe is too heavy, it will have a strain on the foot, over time, easy to pull the ankle ligament children,parents must be carefully selected.

4, the shoe that chooses to close a foot closes a foot to point to length fat thin should accord with the foot of oneself child, because the foot of every child is different, want to undertake choosing according to the foot of oneself child.The shoe is too small, can make crural ministry bone suffers squeeze not only, produce ache, still make blood of lower limbs and crural ministry silts up easily, produce swelling, time grew, still appear embedded armour easily.Shoes that are too large can make it difficult for children to hold the center of gravity when they walk and easy for them to fall.When choosing a shoe, length width should have certain space, with the distance that can insert a finger commonly advisable.Children with thin feet should not choose sandals that are too loose to avoid toes breaking out of the shoes and causing toe injury.Outside, do not choose pointy leather shoes, otherwise the child wears rise toe to put uneven, go against foot ministry development.

5.By the time children are 6 to 7 years old, when they enter elementary school, athletic shoes can start to be worn in lace-up style.During this period, children's activity ability increased significantly, especially running, jumping, playing ball and other intense activities increased significantly, lacing shoes can be better adjusted according to individual foot type.For example, from the point of view that tying shoelaces is more troublesome, children have the ability to tie shoelaces after the age of 5, can tie shoelaces by themselves, exercise children's finger dexterity, on the development of brain intelligence is also very helpful.

6, children should not wear high heels some children, especially girls, like to imitate adults wear high heels.As parents, must not arbitrarily meet the requirements of their children.When wearing high-heeled shoes, the upper body leans forward, buttocks protruding, the whole body weight load is not full foot, but in the forefoot, forefoot and toe by squeezing easy deformation, is not conducive to the normal growth and development of the foot.Is in the growth and development of juvenile children, will make the original walk unstable degree aggravation;It also increases the pressure on the hip bones from internal organs, shifting or misplacing the pelvis, which is not yet fully developed. 


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