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How to choose the suitable kid shoes

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How to choose the suitable kid shoes

kid shoes (children's age range is widely defined, generally between 0-16 years old). kid shoes are specially designed for people of this age, and according to the growth and development characteristics of children's feet of this age, they design shoes that are suitable for them. They are light, breathable, comfortable, and suitable for healthy growth of feet.


This article contains the following:

  • Different classifications of kid shoes

  • How to choose the suitable kid shoes

  • Basic matters


Different classifications of kid shoes

kid shoes are roughly divided into three categories. Only children's leather shoes have national standards. The National Technical Committee for Standardization of Footwear has planned to declare the standard project plan for "Children's Sports Shoes" and "Children's Sandals".

Children's leather shoes: generally refers to leather shoes made of natural leather, artificial leather, and synthetic leather, which are suitable for children to wear, using processes such as adhesive, sewing, laminating, vulcanization, injection molding, and perfusion.

Travel shoes: Travel shoes are generally used sports shoes, exercise shoes, fitness shoes, walking shoes, jogging shoes, casual shoes, etc., excluding professional sports shoes, generally natural leather, synthetic leather, fabric, leather and non- Leather materials are mixed to make travel shoes suitable for children.

Leather sandals: generally refers to the use of natural leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather as the upper surface material to make leather sandals suitable for children, using processes such as adhesive, sewing, laminating, vulcanization, injection molding, and perfusion.

Cloth children's rubber shoes: generally refers to rubber soles or other elastic-based shoes that are made of various fabrics and are suitable for children.


How to choose the suitable kid shoes

Stage 1: Baby 15 months ago, crawling period to early toddler

At this stage, the baby starts to try to stand and walk. At this stage, the baby should be encouraged to barefoot indoors, let the foot directly touch the ground, increase the sense of grip on the sole, and cultivate balance. In order to keep warm and avoid foot injuries, indoor wearing of thin shoes with soft soles is also encouraged. Outdoors, the ground environment is complex, it is recommended to wear protective shoes.

Stage 2: 15 months later, the beginning of the toddler (gait is not stable)

Toddlers at this stage are in the toddler stage and begin to have more time to walk. However, due to the unstable gait, toddlers who are prone to tortuous shoes in the first half of the shoe are encouraged to wear. The body of the shoe is best designed with a mesh cloth. The sole should be thin and soft, making the shoe easy to twist, so that the child can easily start when walking.

Stage 3: 24 months to 48 months, steady period (steady gait)

Toddlers at this stage are at a steady stage. Both feet are under weight for a long time. The bottom of the foot has thick fat to cover the arch of the foot, which is easy to make the foot flat. At the same time, there are more obvious hind foot valgus and X-shaped legs. Toddlers at this stage should wear steadily harder shoes. This type of shoe requires a particularly hard heel cup to further control the valgus of the hind foot and gently support the arch of the foot. At the same time, the sole should also be easy to twist and easy to start.


Basic matters

1. Pre-school children are suitable to wear light and soft shoes. After the elementary school, they cannot wear shoes with too soft soles.

2. The baby's skin is relatively tender. Do not choose leather leather or plastic-made shoes. Such shoes can easily damage the baby's tender skin, making it red, itchy, and severely ulcerated. Choose leather (shredded, sheepskin) and canvas (cotton) as the upper, pigskin and cotton as the lining, resin bottom or TPR bottom and tendon sole shoes, such shoes are sweat-absorbing and deodorant. Soft. Lightweight. Breathable, Features such as comfort make the baby's skin fully protected. In infants and young children, the soles are too slippery, easy to fall, but too slip-resistant, it is not good for walking.

3. If the shoes are too heavy, it will cause tension on the feet, which can easily damage the ligaments of the child's ankle.

4. There should be a certain gap in the length and width of the shoe selection. It is generally appropriate to insert a finger.

5. Girls like to imitate adults wearing high-heeled shoes, but the heels of the high-heeled shoes are too stressed and deformed.

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